Dental Health: How To Be A Great Patient to Your Dentist

how to be a good dental patient

Finding the best dentist and dental office is what most people prioritize when it comes to dealing with their dental health. However, we should know that the quality of our dental health does not only rely on the dental professional and his/her clinic alone just as how small businesses do not only rely on its owners but also its consumers. As dental patients, we also have our roles to play.

While it is important for us to know how to spot the best dentist, it’s also essential for us to keep in mind the good manners we should possess as their patients during check-ups. Without further ado, let’s look into the tips on how we can become the patient our dentist looks forward to checking-up on.

The Tips

  • Avoid food prior to check-up.

As a sign of respect, it’s best to avoid food before going for a check-up. If you can’t avoid food, at least avoid those which have strong, awful odor such as garlic or onions. Although some dentists might come off as carefree about this, especially if they have their masks on, the odor of your mouth might still actually make it difficult for them to give you a thorough check-up.

  • Clean your mouth.

Before your check-up, brush your teeth. Just because you’re going to your dentist anyway does not mean you can leave chocolate stains and food particles all over your mouth. This will only add up to the work of your dentist.

  • Attend your appointments.

Don’t set up appointments which you can’t attend. Your dentist is a busy individual and most probably, his/her time are valued by many other clients. Don’t waste your dentist’s time. Moreover, if you can’t attend a planned appointment, inform your dentist or the secretary ahead of time.

  • Plan appointments properly.

If possible, don’t call your dentist and set an appointment on the same day unless, of course, it’s an emergency. It’s best to give his/her office a call one day before your preferred appointment. However, you may also call early in the morning to see if your dentist is available later that day.

brush your teeth before dentist

  • Communicate effectively.

As a patient, it’s important that you speak up. Talk to your dentist, address your concerns, and ask your questions. Don’t hesitate to communicate. If there is something bothering you with regards to your dental health, tell your dentist. And when you do talk to your dentist, do so effectively. This means that if your dentist will ask for patient information, do not hide things that are necessary for their assessment. For more patient information, check out ATX.

  • Follow instructions.

So as to not disappoint your dentist, try your best to follow their instructions. If your dentist asks you to stop drinking sparkling water as it has been shown to destroy teeth, listen to your dentist. Their advice, instructions, and suggestions are aimed for the improvement of your dental and overall health.

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