All You Need to Know About Kratom Green Strains

How are Green kratom strains different from the other two variants? Find out the effects of green vein kratom to know whether it is the best one for you. 

Kratom is a traditional medicine indigenous to hot areas of Southeast Asia like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Early communities of Southeast Asia rely on this alternative medicine for pain-relief, diarrhea treatment, and stimulation. Today, many use kratom as a holistic approach in managing stress, anxiety, and depression with the hopes of enhancing general health and well-being.

Kratom has three main strains: the red, green, and white veins. Though each strain contains similar biological compounds, they possess a unique chemical structure and alkaloid concentration that influences their properties. For example, red vein kratom has a higher concentration of mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine which are known for their impressive opioid-like analgesic properties. You can check this site out to find out to learn the differences between these strains.

Now, what if you looking for a kratom strain with sufficient pain-relieving properties but also support stimulation? What is the best choice between these options?

The answer is Green Vein Kratom.

So, Why Green Vein Kratom? 

Here is a little background on green vein kratom. Generally, all kratom strains grow naturally. Their geographical location and season of farming are the primary factors that affect their alkaloid concentration, and therefore it directly influences the strain.

After cultivating the kratom leaves, farmers use a drying process that will help them get the specific alkaloid makeup and colors. Moreover, fermentation and exposure to UV light also change the strain. Farmers achieve green strains by minimally exposing the kratom leaves to UV outdoor light, and then it is kept for storage to preserve its color.

The green vein kratom is generally used for motivation, boosting energy, uplifting mood, and improving concentration. Various studies and online sources coincide with this information; you will notice from reviews and different sources that green vein kratom is popular for its stimulant properties. Additionally, it is sought out for its mild to average pain-relieving properties.

What are the Best Green Kratom Strains? 

You will find a wide variety of green kratom strains on the market. Among these choices, below are the best-seller and most popular among long time kratom enthusiasts.

#1 Super Green Malaysian (SGM) 

The Super Green Malaysian or SGM is the most popular green kratom today. It is known for its high stimulating properties with a good combination of sedative and pain-relieving attributes. Likewise, the SGM has the longest-lasting effect of the kratom strain.

The SGM is easy to find at online kratom distributors. You can get more details on where to find this kratom strain here.

#2 Green Indo 

The Green Indo has a good balance of energy-boosting and analgesic properties. Although it has similar aspects with SGM, the Green Indo is milder and softer. It keeps you active without experiencing euphoria.

#3 Green Vein Kali

Like other green strains, the Green Vein Kali offers a complete kratom experience. It offers pain-relief, stimulation, and sedative properties. However, experts say that this strain is more suitable as an energy booster.

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